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Fashionable and Elegant Streamline

Today I have streamlined my business Fashionable and Elegant.  Fashionable and Elegant officially has a new email, Instagram account, WordPress website and Linkedin page.  I’m keeping the Facebook page the same but just updating the information.  Over the next few days I will be adding information on all of the different social media accounts.


May 2017

May 18th I went to the Minneapolis Convention Center for the Small Business Expo. I met several interesting people during the networking meetings. Over the last week I have connected with a few people over social media. I think I was a great way to meet new people and share my business with them. In the future I plan to go to the Twin Cities 2nd Fridays events. They meet almost every month on the second Friday for networking.

May 21st I put in my application to become a craft vendor at the Minneapolis Craft Market.  The very next day I got an email saying “We love your work and are pleased to approve you as a trader! Attached is an approved trader badge for you to share with your social media networks. ”  My plan is to be a trader at the Sociable Summer Marker Saturday August 12, 2017.

May 24th was my last day employed at Home Depot in Coon Rapids, MN.  I quit my job because I want to pursue a career in graphic design.  I want to be able to have a  graphic design job that will correspond with my A.A.S.Graphic Design and Bachelor of Elective Studies degrees. Starting in June I would like to add to my portfolio using Adobe free trail software.  My plan is to use the software to create a few new projects for my portfolio this summer.

Today, May 25th is the first day of being free from my retail job working as a Cashier for Home Depot for over a year and half. I’ve been updating my WordPress website, Linkedin, Facebook and job resumes and looking for new jobs in graphic design.  I look forward to having a busy and creative summer and finding a new job very soon.

Glass Endeavors 2017 Glass Art Show

For many years I have entered my fused glass artwork into the Glass Art Show at Glass Endeavors.  This year I can proudly say that I placed 3rd in the Beginner Stained Glass section (less than 2 years of experience).

“Wavy Flowers” on display at Glass Art Show, Glass Endeavors, Minneapolis, MN


Picture taken at home



Disappointed, Yet Hopeful

This is Easter weekend and it’s been a month since I’ve done anything new with this website. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a new job or internship in March.  I’ve been disappointed in not getting an internship at the museum.  I did how ever got a few phone calls and emails for marketing jobs.  I decided not to apply for them because I didn’t go to college for marking and business.  I was getting frustrated with not getting opportunities for graphic design work so I took a two week break.

It’s now the middle of April and I’m getting back to looking for a new job or internship.  I’m more than ready to move on from my part time retail job and hopefully get a job in my career field of art and design every soon.

March 2017

In March I’ll be applying for two internships at the Minnesota Museum of American Art.   One internship is called Design Intern and the other is called Visitor Services and Special Events Intern. They both look exciting and would give me great experience in the field of graphic design.

I’ll be continuing to look for graphic design jobs this month and updating my LinkedIn profile at

Searching and Apply for Jobs

In the last few months I have enhanced my portfolio and have began searching for a new job in the field of graphic design.   I’m now ready to apply for new job openings in Minneapolis, MN.

January 2017

I’m so excited to say that tonight I just finished my new photo book using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. You can check it out on the Graphic Design page A Walk Along the Mississippi River.

Last Year’s Goals

Last year I made goals to sell my artwork and make new artwork. I was able to sell some of my jewelry at the North Artists Studio Crawl back in April. I also started working on creating new artwork for to add to my portfolio.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art had the Landscape Masterworks from the Paul G. Allen Family this last summer. I never got to see the collection but I was able to out and see the exhibition “Seeing Nature.” Instead of taking a smart phone to take small pictures and upload on social media I took regular pictures with my camera. I took and edited my pictures and made a photo book in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC.

A New Year, New Goals

Last year I started this website to learn how to use and my make my own website. I can say that I really like using to show my creativity. I think my husband will be getting a new computer and I can finally get my pictures up on this website. My new goal is to keep looking for an internship but stay determined and not let opportunity slip through my hands.

Yesterday a wonderful woman I know at work gave me the opportunity to look into entering into the North Artists Studio Crawl. The show is April 2 and 3 this year. She has graciously opened her home to me and I’m to enter into the show. It’s kind of expensive but I think this show will be fun to do at her house.

In a few months I will be looking into craft shows this summer. Hopefully I can get into at least one show close to home. I have time to think about my plans for the summer and when I’ll be on vacation. Until my plans are set in stone for the next couple of months, I’ll just have to making new posts.

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