About Me

I’m a Minnesota glass artist working with fused and stained glass.  I’ve always had a strong passion for art, even in high school I was winning art awards and displaying my work in the Minnesota State Fair. For the last 15 years I have earned 2 degrees and have worked several jobs from retail to daycares.

This year, 2018 is the first year that I’m selling my artwork as a hobby business Fashionable and Elegant and not having a side job on the side. I’ve been networking, have joined BNI Lasting Impressions and have started to go showcasing my artwork at several art shows.

I love working with glass and have close to 10 years experience working with fused glass jewelry. I’ve created my business out of my love of glass and passion for creating art. I use bold colors and dynamic visual movement in all of my fused glass pendants and necklaces. My inspirations for my jewelry comes from bold colors in glass, movement in art, and in nature.

I’ve been also working on stained glass the last 3 years. I use bold colors and dynamic visual movement in all of my stained glass patterns. My stained glass has always came from other artist’s patterns but I’d like to work on some of my own designs in the future. My latest inspirations for my stained comes from Art Nouveau.

Up north in Minnesota.
Up north in Minnesota.

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