Last year I started this website to learn how to use and my make my own website. I can say that I really like using to show my creativity. I think my husband will be getting a new computer and I can finally get my pictures up on this website. My new goal is to keep looking for an internship but stay determined and not let opportunity slip through my hands.

Yesterday a wonderful woman I know at work gave me the opportunity to look into entering into the North Artists Studio Crawl. The show is April 2 and 3 this year. She has graciously opened her home to me and I’m to enter into the show. It’s kind of expensive but I think this show will be fun to do at her house.

In a few months I will be looking into craft shows this summer. Hopefully I can get into at least one show close to home. I have time to think about my plans for the summer and when I’ll be on vacation. Until my plans are set in stone for the next couple of months, I’ll just have to making new posts.