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On the path to creating my art and design into a career.


August 2015

Starting Over

I’m having a hard time making things work today and I’m starting over today.  I wish I could make this site post in reverse order but I can’t.  Along with the pictures I have online don’t really show the quality of my work because I don’t have photoshop. Someday when I have enough money to have a monthly payment plan I can make it better.  So for now I’m going to have to do my best with my limited resources.


First Post

Welcome to my first WordPress website.  I just started this yesterday August 19, 2015. I have so many ideas for this new website and hopefully this will help to show my initiative in learning new things. I consider myself not a writer or person that loves to blog but I’m willing to try new things to get an graphic design internship. My two goals right now are to getting an internship and a part time job.

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